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about us


Founded in 2017. The Bell Project teaches life skills, job skills, provides career counseling, tutoring, and network opportunities to Chicago 7-12th graders. schools in minority neighborhoods receive poor funding . Poor education, equals poor job opportunities, which creates a life of poverty.  Our goal is to disrupt this cycle. Our belief is that all students a part of CPS should receive the same quality education and opportunities no matter what neighborhood they live in.  



Our Services


Job Skills

Interview prep, resume writing, entrepreneurship, and information on local trades are some of the job skills we provide. However we consult with vocational counselors often and add new skills every month . Contact us today to see what's new in our program!


The most important skill is the skill of life. We teach our students how to operate in this world and emphasize the  importance of their voice and dollar. Knowledge on voting, taxes, investing, and budgeting funds are some of the life skills we provide.


There is no greater motivation than hope and that is just what we provide. Our services open doors that were not accessible to our students. 


Internships, shadow days, job fairs,  and mentoring programs are options for all students. For our more creative students, we work with local artists to establish relationships and gain knowledge on how to make a career out of their passion.

Motivational Speaking

It is important for our students to see the end result of their hard work. Motivational speakers show just that! They are the living, breathing, and reachable testimonies that reinforce that any dream is possible.

Life long support

Once a TBP student, always a TBP student. We love and support alumni even when they are away to college or applying for their AARP card. 








Here at the Bell project we have many volunteer opportunities from in house customer service to recruitment services. Please contact us to see how yo can help today!




We partner with Chicagoland businesses and individuals to provide internships, shadow days, motivational speeches, jobs, and networking opportunities to our student members. Our partners are the heart of our program. If you are a Business or individual who wants to work with us please fill out the form below.  




Founder Keyala Bell worked as a Federal Contractor for four years along the side of Vocational Rehabilitation experts, who placed disabled persons into careers. Witnessing that process and studying the DICTIONARY of Occupational Titles made her develop a dream to implement the same type of program to help Chicago students on paths to successful careers.